Sep 25, 2012

The difference between ads for women and ads for men

Lesson of the day: Make women feel fat and gross and tell dudes they’re awesome.  Marketing 101....

Sep 7, 2012

How men and women shower

Just remember, peeing in the shower saves water....

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Jun 28, 2012

How men talk to women over the phone

This is semi accurate, but eventually they will catch on and be like “you aren’t even listening!”  You’ve gotta throw...

May 30, 2012

Jim Jefferies: The difference between men and women (sex)

I’ve always been told that men are the more selfish but I’ve been enlightened.  Jim Jefferies breaks it down for...

May 12, 2012

Lunch is served

In 20 years from now he’ll have the same reaction.  Whether it’s for lunch or boobies or both....

Apr 23, 2012

What men really want

Ladies, I know that you only make up 30% of our readers but when I stumble across advice that might...

Feb 8, 2012

When men and women reverse roles at bar

This just showed me how much of a douchebag I probably am when I’m at the bar.  Could you imagine...

Men texting Vs. Women texting

That’s why you can’t ask open ended questions bro.  Try this “Hi sweetie, text the number 1 if you had...

Oct 11, 2011

The difference between men and women

A good friend helps you move, a great friend helps you move bodies....

Aug 16, 2011

Did she just accidentally admit something?

So you’re saying that you know what it feels like when multiple men are jizzing on you in rapid succession? ...

Apr 12, 2011

Mar 14, 2011

Good comeback

How fast do you think he got “unfriended?”...

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Sep 1, 2010

4 Roommates With Masturbation Habits You Need To Avoid

Ahh, it’s time for college orientation once again.  In the next few weeks, you’re going to learn a lot about...

Mar 11, 2010

7 of the Luckiest Men in America

Some guys have all the luck. While most men bust their ass to get ahead in life, some men have been fortunate enough to achieve the dreams of many, while doing very little. This can be anything from becoming famous, to earning lots of money, or to sleeping with a woman that is way out of their league.