Shaken Not Stirred: Wedding Cocktail Trends

For most wedding guests, one of the main draws of a wedding is the open bar at the reception! Everyone loves toasting a happy couple, celebrating their happy marriage, and in all likelihood, enjoying a night out with friends where no one has to worry about paying for drinks. Many couples like to offer signature cocktails as an added personal touch to their reception, and according to an analysis done by The Black Tux, there are some distinct trends in the type of cocktails people create for their wedding reception.

Most drinks use vodka as the base liquor with very few using whiskey or tequila… probably due to a huge number of people having regrettable nights as a result of overindulgence in those liquors. Seattle, Washington goes all in though with a tie between rum, whiskey, and vodka, which has to lead to some very interesting wedding receptions.

Most couples agree that asking people to pay for drinks during the reception is not polite, since attending a wedding typically is not a cheap affair. However, from the looks of things Washington D.C. has a lot of BYOB wedding receptions. Even if there isn’t an open bar for mixed drinks, forcing people to bring in their own beer, wine, champagne, or liquor to toast the happy couple is just sad. Of course, not everyone has the budget to offer an open bar, but still. Free drinks are one of the main draws for weddings!

All in all, we found that most couples are all for revelry and drink filled line dances at their wedding receptions, and tons of them are into the idea of having a signature cocktail that plays into their sense of humor and gives the drinks an original flair. This wedding season may be coming to an end but spring weddings are right around the corner, so get ready to drink!