These Cities Have the Best (and worst) Deals on Brunch

Any instagram-loving, pumpkin spice latte-drinking, online-shopping millennial knows that brunch is most certainly the most important meal of the day. That’s why we’re always trying to find new ways to conquer the system and up our brunch game. 

This new study is about to be a total game changer. Sky Blue Credit mapped out the most and least expensive cities for brunch, and it’s time to pack your bags and go on a brunch adventure. 

It turns out Texas is looking like a pretty good place to start for the most cost effective brunch journey. The average mimosa costs $4.75 in Austin, Texas, which is the cheapest average price in the states. The fact that this is an average value means that there’s a significant amount of restaurants offering mimosas below this price. It’s time to start doing some research and hitting the Texas brunch scene. 

After you get your mimosa fix, you may want a bit of food to fill up that grumbling stomach. Portland, Oregon is the best place to do that. At just $7.20 a meal, there are sure to be endless cheap places for all of your omelette and avocado toast needs. At that price, why decide on just one entree? You can order as much as you want without feeling the guilt by the time the check rolls around. 

The best of both worlds is found in Salt Lake City, Utah. The average price for an entree and a mimosa together is $12.81, meaning that you’re getting the full brunch experience while still definitely getting your money’s worth. 

For those who want a more traditional brunch, complete with a morning cup of joe, Cleveland, Ohio is your best bet. The average cup of coffee is under $2, which is definitely cheaper than that triple shot macchiato you order at Starbucks.