NBC’s ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Season 7 will be 13 episodes

Don’t worry – you can now count on another season of hilarious, action-packed police shenanigans led by Jake Peralta in NBC’s hit sitcom, Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

After Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s almost cancellation by Fox last year, it has been renewed by NBC for a seventh season. This upcoming season, set to air during midseason this fall, is planned to be 13 episodes long. After Fox canceled Brooklyn Nine-Nine after just five seasons in the Spring of 2018, NBC picked up the comedy shortly after backlash by fans began.

This isn’t surprising, as Brooklyn Nine-Nine is ranked as one of the top TV shows among college students says Grand Canyon University. With a cast including stars such as Terry Crews, Andre Braugher, and Chelsea Peretti, Brooklyn Nine-Nine can almost guarantee a laugh out of anyone. The most recent season has also had the most successful premiere ratings in the past couple of years, so it never gets dull.

If you haven’t treated yourself to Brooklyn Nine-Nine and you’re a fan of shows such as Parks & Recreation, you’re in luck. Brooklyn Nine-Nine was developed and produced by sitcom duo Michael Schur and Dan Goor, who have both played roles in creating shows including The Office, The Good Place, and Parks & Recreation.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine takes place in the fictional 99th precinct of the New York Police Department. The main character, Jake Peralta (played by Andy Samberg), is a goofy and seemingly-foolish detective who is actually a case-solving genius. He is accompanied by the other detectives and lead of his precinct, Captain Raymond Holt, as they work to solve crimes and play the best pranks.

One of the shows other strengths is their knack for the most entertaining cold opens. A cold open is a short clip shown before the opening credits of a show. These clips are usually a sneak peek into the plot of the episode, but in Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s case, it’s like a comedy punch in your face. One of the best and most popular cold opens is from Season 5 Episode 17, where Jake pulls off an “I want it that way” by the Backstreet Boys singalong by potential suspects in a lineup. If you haven’t seen it (or want to watch it again), you can watch it on Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s YouTube channel.

Haven’t seen Season 6 yet? You’re missing out!