Usain Bolt Loses Final Race Of His Carreer

The Fastest Man On The Planet Award no longer belongs to the Jamaican phenom, Usain Bolt.  While competing in the finals of the IAAF World Championships in London (the last professional race of his career) the runner known as “Lightening Bolt” finished third, losing to Americans Justin Gatlin (1st) and Christian Coleman (2nd).

Widely considered the greatest sprinter of all time Bolt has been dominating the competition for the larger part of the past ten years.  Despite this fact there are those who believe his third place finish somehow tarnishes what can only be described as an outstanding career.  These people are crazy and probably take longer to get up off their couch then it does Bolt to sprint 100m.

Congrats on one hell of career, Usain, and thanks for making the sport of running entertaining.