Pro Surfer Narrowly Escapes Shark Attack

Having spent a large part of my life in or around the ocean you become aware very early on that you are not the only living thing splashing around in the surf.  Fortunately the vast majority of people that go for a swim never encounter anything more serious than a rogue jellyfish or the occasional frightened crab.

That wasn’t the case with pro surfer Mick Fanning, however.  He got the real life, scare the sh*t out of you, face to face encounter with a shark while competing in South Africa.  Somehow he managed to fend off the attack and was able to hop on a jet ski and get the hell out of trouble.

You would think that after such a narrow miss a sane person would never hop back in the ocean again.  That also was not the case with Fanning.  Two years later he made his return and guess what?  Yup, he saw a shark.