World Body Painting Festival 2017 (22 Images)

Remember when you mom told you it was a bad idea to take acid and stare at blacklight posters all night long?  Well, she wasn’t wrong.  But I’m thinking these people chose to ignore their mother’s advice and just trip balls all night anyway.

Body painting has come a long way since trying to sneak a peak a nipple in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.  In fact, every year there is a festival that draws weirdos from around the world to strip down naked and have paint sprayed up their butt cracks.  Then they walk around and pretend to be whatever it is they are painted up as.  Pretty strange, yes, but it also looks like it’d be a good time.

This year’s festival just wrapped up in Klagenfurt, Austria but there’s still plenty of time to plan for next year.


No nips.

Hiding nips.

Freedom nips.

Trippy nips.

No nips.

I think she ripped off her nips.

No nips.

Kitten nips?

No nips. Thank God.

Back nips.


No nips.

Prince nips?


More nips.

Amateur nips.

No nips.

No tree nips.

Soft serve ice cream nips.

Whatever that is kill it, nips.

Bye bye nips.