These Girls Sure Can Comic Con

What started out as a gathering of basement dwelling nerds dressed up like their favorite super heroes has since evolved into the wonderful freak show that is Comic Con.  Much like Halloween it has become an excuse for girls (who may or may not be strippers in real life) to dress as slutty as possible while still attempting to maintain just the slightest shred of personal dignity.  It usually doesn’t work but we appreciate the effort… and the cleavage.

Here are some pictures of girls dressed like characters most of us have never heard of but now suddenly want to have sex with.

I now totally get Star Wars


She’s selling herself short… 2 thumbs up.


Carpet match the drapes? Does it matter?


Definitely super.


She later went on to star in the hit film, “Womb Raider.”


What happens if you push the red button?


When she kind of scares you but you think it’ll still be worth it…


Technically this could be a before and after shot.


Definitely a stripper.




I suddenly feel the urge to salute. The eyes, however, are a little scary. 


This girl’s not even trying.


No clue what’s going on here but she seems to have nailed it.


I bet she’s huge in Japan.


Kind of makes you wonder how she lost the eye…


Probably gets beamed up all the time.


Whatever this is from count me in.


If the “T” in Thor was silent.


What I was hoping Pokemon Go was going to be like.


I wonder if they affect her ability to fly…?


I think her armor is cold.


And now I’m strangely attracted to Dr. Manhattan.


Even their toys are hot.


Don’t. Turn. Around.


Aaaaannnddd then there’s this asshole.