Regretful Morning Indeed



You want to talk about having a bad day? That’s not an alligator in this picture, it’s a python. A python that ate an entire human being. Akbar Salubiro of Sulawesi, Indonesia, wins the award for having the shittiest day in his village after venturing out to harvest palm oil and wound up becoming a meal for a hungry snake.

According to authorities pythons do not normally target human beings as a food source but that is of little consolation to our friend Akbar, here. The day before villagers heard cries coming from the palm grove but paid little attention. They later found scattered fruit, a tool and a single boot in the area of the attack. Apparently an entire human being and one boot is where the indigenous python draws the  line at gluttony.

If you’re sick in the head and want to check out the video of the snake’s dissection feel free to click here. I, however, find snakes to be of the same level of repulsion as a scantily clad Madonna, so I decided not to feature the video. Instead, here’s a picture of how gross Madonna looks.

Check out these pythons.

Check out these pythons. 

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