Watch Nic Cage crash a Nic Cage festival!



For the last four years the Alamo Drafthouse has been holding an annual Nic Cage tribute night simply titled CAGED. For the event they screen a handful of Nic Cage flicks, serve Nic Cage themed refreshments, and hope to heaven above that one of these days, Cage himself will accept their invite and appear.

This year, he did just that.

The screening included Joe, Bangkok Dangerous, Army of One, Bringing Out the Dead, and, at the request of Mr. Cage, Lord of War. The screening ended in a 47-minute Q&A followed by the most epic reading of The Tell-Tale Heart you will ever hear.

Let’s be honest, even in the worst movies Cage never gives less than 2000%, and he certainly doesn’t start phoning it in here. Enjoy!