It’s True! Monkeys Love Throwing Shit at People

Okay first off, don’t email us about these being baboons, and not monkeys. We know, we just don’t care. The phrase “monkeys throwing shit” just reads so much better.


That said, the stereotype is true — apes of all sorts love touching, molding and throwing their own shit so it hits innocent bystanders. It’s as consistent as gravity.

In this case, I’m not 100% sure the bystanders are innocent. These kids are clearly pissing off the baboon, who is likely already pissed off about being in one of the most ghetto zoos we’ve ever seen.

Seriously, this is the community college of zoos. All his friends got into the Ivy League, and he’s stuck baking in the sun surrounded by crab grass.

So, to vent his frustrations in a healthy way, he throws some shit at a fat kid who was taunting him.

In our opinion, the monkeys win.