Rat Parade! Two Dozen Rats Escape Restaurant Kitchen When Lights Go On

This video is simple: a rat infestation in a restaurant kitchen. When you’re done watching, you’ll need to shower. Trust us.

The clip shows dozens of corn-fed rats running up a metal pipe after a camera person turns the kitchen lights.

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The clip, believed to be shot in California, shows a man walking into a restaurant kitchen with its lights turned off.

As soon as the man flicks on the lights, dozens of rats frantically begin scurrying up a pole near what appears to be a commercial crock pot.

(Rice cooker, maybe? You’re on our short list, Bamboo Garden!)

The rat infestation in the kitchen is so heavy they actually have trouble fitting through the crack in the kitchen. Half of the rats end up waiting for the first group to pass before they can get their asses through the ceiling hole.

Go bathe. We’ll be doing the same, right after we spit up last night’s lo mein.