Ghost Dog Chases Poltergeists from Home, Appears on Video

Mutley, a ghost dog of a regularly haunted English couple, is making the Internet rounds after seemingly chasing away the nonsense of a dead old man.

(Yes, we just wrote that sentence.)

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It’s no secret we like our ghosts and hauntings here. But we’ve never done one about a dead pet. And, to be fair, we’re pretty skeptical about this one, especially since this family seems to relish supernatural attention from across the web.

That said, this is still pretty fucking cool.

For years, Barry and Christine Kennedy, both 39, say the spirit of an old man has been causing disturbances at their home, in the form of a phantom figure that has left their two daughters afraid to sleep at night.

Christine even claims these poltergeists have hurled objects at her and left her with scratches on multiple occasions.

But now, thanks to the ghost dog hero, the house has been exorcised. Not bad for a pooch that was put down more than two years ago.

Anyway, watch and see what you think. We’re on the fence – Mutley dug under it.