Dad Pisses in Son’s Vape Juice, Claims “Tough Love”

Sometimes, a teen’s habit really can really piss off his parents. But in this one case, the parent pisses back … into a perfectly good bottle of vape juice.

In a recent viral Reddit post, an anonymous 18-year-old claimed his father opted to use tough love tactics to get him to quit using e-cigs.

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First, the kid’s mother found his standard-issue vape pen and immediately showed it to the full-bladdered father. Of course, she expected him to throw it out, not douse it in human excrement.

Even pissing ON the vape pen wasn’t enough, so Dialysis Dad took things further by pissing in a bottle of the kid’s vape e-liquid, then carefully placing it back where he found it.

Then, Dad decided to make a game of it, and scolded his son via text, with a cryptic-yet-obvious hint:

“The world is my toilet.”

These are the words that launched a million German websites.

The teen apparently isn’t that bright, or at least he’s pretty unaware. Because when he came home, he grabbed his vape juice, filled the e-cig tank, and inhaled his musky new e-juice flavor.

It’s not clear how many clouds of his father’s liquid waste the teen enjoyed before realizing something was up, but once he did, he took it straight to the experts.

(That’s what Reddit is, right? A collection of experts?)

Of course, keeping in line with the rest of this fucked-up family, the teen’s query wasn’t really focused on his father. Or his health. Just what he had lost. His quote went as follows:

“I’m livid right now and don’t know what to do, knowing that i lost my Kangertech Subox Mini, my Horizon arctic tank, and $20 in juice…”

Then, almost as an afterthought, he shared a moment of clarity:

“… along with the fact that i vaped my own father’s piss.”

The family could not be reached for comment. Nor does anyone want them to be.