12 Shocking Images of a Python vs Crocodile Encounter

Today we’re going to piggy back on last week’s Anaconda Catcher post. There’s a raging battle happening in the Everglades. People in Florida own a lot of exotic pets, like Pythons.  Unfortunately these people can’t take care of their pets when they reach a certain size, so they do what any dumb ass would do.  Release it into the wild.  The Python is not native to Florida, but it has adapted extremely well to the environment.  Crocodiles have been the Apex predator in the Glades for as long as anyone can remember.  They now have an evenly matched opponent. Weekly WTF presents Python vs Crocodile – the ultimate reptile battle.

Python vs Crocodile001

Python vs Crocodile002

Python vs Crocodile003

Python vs Crocodile004

Python vs Crocodile005

Python vs Crocodile006