25 Terrifying Spiders

I have arachnophobia so putting this gallery together was no picnic. It’s not just that spiders look like Satan’s spawn, they really twisted little assh*les. For example:

  • Spiders’ stomachs can only take liquids, so they have to liquefy their food before they eat it. They bite their prey and empty their stomach liquids into the fly which turns it into soup for them to drink.
  • Spiders can sustain hundreds of atmospheres of pressure, and can work flawlessly in a vacuum. Scientists have discovered spiders working at both the bottom of the sea and in the ultra-thin atmosphere thirty miles above the Earth.
  • Large house spiders can lay between 40 and 50 eggs, usually once a year or more frequently if they have been fed well.
  • Spiders eat the equivalent of the human population of the UK in flies and other insects every year.
  • Male spiders are seen more often as they roam the house searching for a mate. But don’t discount the female spider – once a pair have mated the male dies and is promptly eaten by his spouse.

Here are 25 more pics of terrifying spiders.