Bride-To-Be Cheats On Her Husband During Bachelorette Party, Gets Pregnant By Dwarf


Bachelorette Party dwarf

Man, the chicks in Spain really know how to party. Bachelorette parties in particular can get a little out of hand. 9 months ago, a Valencia woman proved just how freaky Spanish chicks can get. Between doing shots, playing games, and getting estrogen all over the place, this woman somehow managed to have sex with the male stripper (who just so happened to be a dwarf).

And apparently she let him bareback, because this week that same woman had a baby. Her now husband was ecstatic until he saw that she had given birth to a baby drwarf.

The guilty woman had to confess to cheating on her husband with her entertainer after giving birth to a child with dwarfism at a hospital in Valencia.

I’m trying to find a bright side here for the husband but I got nothing. Even the Hobbit movies are using regular sized actors now.

Imagine how many foot rubs and night farts this poor bastard had to deal with for a kid that isn’t even his. Brutal.

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