There Are A lot Of Nice Rear Ends On The Internet (15 Pics)


Happy Monday boys and girls.  Now that breast cancer awareness month is over, I thought we’d focus on different, yet equally awesome ASSets.

Eva Longoria’s Tight Ass In Spandex Pants – Celeb Jihad
More cute girls in costumes – Gunaxin

Emily Ratajkowski Does the “Nasty Gal” Thing – G Celeb
Kelly Brook in FHM Magazine France – TC Mag

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta N-LARGO by Novitec Rosso – Classy Bro
JJ Abrams Defends the Star Wars Prequels – Furious Fanboys

Pictures You Don’t Want to Use on a Dating Site – Double Viking
25 Sex Toy Names We Really Need – Holy Taco

Kids Really Are the Pits! (32 pics + 5 gifs) – Izismile
Mark Twain’s 9 Tips For Living An Awesome Life – Caveman Circus

5 Famous Symbols that Were Created to Be Horrible Insults – Cracked
Oh Sh*t (25 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

Some Hot Nerdy Girls To Ease Your Hangover – Big10tens
10 Relationship Words That Don’t Exist In The English Language – Ned Hardy

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