Hot Girls In The Kitchen (25 Pics)

I like food.  I like girls.  I like turtles. Here are some pictures.  PS – As soon as I’m off of this NyQuil I’ll start writing more again.  I love you.

Kate Upton’s Super Bowl Commercial – Gunaxin
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Miley Cyrus Praying In A Bikini – Celeb Jihad

She Looks Great In A Thong – Double Viking
Cris Urena in skmpy lingerie is perfect to a T – Brosome

Animals being funny – Izismile
Dat ass – Kontraband

The Definitive List of Fart Euphemisms – Holy Taco
10 Wonder Women Who’ll Make You Jealous of Superman – Furious Fanboys

The Bikini Booty Matchup – Candice Swanepoel vs Sophie Turner – Moe Jackson
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We all have that one friend – Lulzshirts
A Damn Fine Collection Of Cinemagraphs – Ned Hardy