Iryna Ivanova is one phenomenal filly


She’s a Playboy playmate, an MMA ring girl, and an all around Ukrainian hottie. She’s 25 and lives in Phoenix, which is only like a 5 hour drive. But since I don’t think it would be wise to drive through a 100 degree desert to stalk the girl of my dreams, I will settle for some pictures.  Here’s to hoping (since it’s my birthday today) she might see this and accidentally send a saucy pic to Follow her updates @IrynaIvanova

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Carmen Electra Does the Hair Bra Thing – G Celeb

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Alexis Is So Damn Fine, She Will Blow Your Mind – Caveman Circus

Amateur Bedroom Babe In White Lingerie – DJ Mick
Happy Dogs (21 Pics) – Ned Hardy

Dioni Tabbers is drop dead sexy from head to toe – Brosome
Dem asses – Double Viking

Amber Heard sporting the nerdy look – Moe Jackson
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