20 Lulz Worthy Examples of Animals Owning People

When I was little we had a few pet sheep.  One of these sheep turned into a total badass and started ramming people with his head.  One day my “wannabe John Wayne” douchebag stepdad was trying to chase our horses in like two feet of snow because they had gotten out of the corral.  The sheep saw this as a prime opportunity to own an idiot, and promptly rammed his fatass into the snow.  My stepdad raged so hard that he started screaming “you wanna fuck with me!?”, picked up the sheep, and delivered a pile driver.  They went back and forth like this for about 30 seconds while I sat there laughing uncontrollably.

Long story short, I bonded with that sheep.  He was an epic troll and it saddened me when we had lamb chops a few weeks later.  This one’s for you “Snowball.”