The Charlie Sheen Venn Diagram

Charlie Sheen is taking a beating right now, and that upsets me.  Why?  Because while most of the world looks down on someone who goes to Vegas for a full 48 hours of doing coke and having sex with hookers, I look up to them.  Yes, Charlie Sheen is my Role Model, and from here on out, I’m going to troll every anti Charlie Sheen post, article, or tweet that I come across.  I’m starting today with this sweet Venn Diagram we made.  I’ve also just created a Twitter account called “Quoting Charlie.”  Here I will display kickass quotes from the man himself.  If you are ready to start trolling the interwebs with the Pro Charlie Movement, then follow the Twitter account, or Fan it on Facebook.  Operation “Trolling For Charlie” starts now.

PS – I know that my circles are a bit off, but Charlie with a fucking machine gun totally makes up for my fail.

Edit: We got Eric (the old owner of Ebaumsworld right before they sued him) to make some kick ass shirts.

Behold the Charlie Sheen tshirt “Winning.”