Guy Gets Knife Stuck In Head During Bar fight, Removes it 3 Years Later


When we see an action movie where someone takes a shank to the dome,  lives, then later pulls out the blade, we can automatically award them with +100 points of asskickery.

Such is the case with this 29 year old repairman from Brazil.  Edeilson Nascimento had gotten into a bar fight where his attacker decided to fight dirty.  Nascimento took a 10 centimeter blade to his dome like a champ and still made it to the hospital.  Unfortunately, the physicians refused to remove the blade.

Edeilson Nascimento told the local Terra news agency that doctors previously told him not to take the knife out because it could cause further damage including lesions in the brain stem which could result in death. “In three years I felt bad headaches every day of my life from the time I woke up until bedtime,” he told Terra news. “So I stopped working.”

So basically this dude walked around with a small machete protruding from his head for three years until doctors finally felt comfortable to take it out.

A team of seven people, including three neurosurgeons, from the hospital at the Federal University of Pernambuco removed the knife without causing further harm over the course of a three-hour surgery on Tuesday. Nascimento is expected to be released from Recife hospital next week.

Thanks for the costume idea man.

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