9 Childhood Characters You Crushed On


We know you may feel a little pervy reading and enjoying this article but remember, these characters are cartoons, so it’s totally not Pedo.

Let’s put on our honest caps for a moment though: When you were wearing your footed pajamas at 6 years old, you wondered why they would get tighter after an episode of Scooby Doo, right?  I know I wasn’t the only 5 year old getting boners from cartoons.


Her name is Misty, and she is one of Ash Ketchum’s best friends. Though we totally think she wanted something more, I mean look at the way she dressed. Ash obviously wasn’t interested, but speaking on behalf of our audience that’s already been through puberty, we certainly are.


Reggie is that super fly skater chick with the purple hair from Rocket Power. She’s Otto’s sister, and spends her days surfing, skating, biking, and all around being awesome. That’s how you know she’s certainly got some muscle on her in the right places. Also, she’s pretty hot.

Kim Possible

I know what you’re thinking. Yes, she is the show’s namesake, and yes, she’s got this funky super-lip thing going on, and seems to be missing her bottom lip, but come on. Maybe it’s just me and my Achilles Heel for redheads, but I think she’s pretty bangable. Besides, she’s super flexible, because isn’t she some sort of ninja or something?

Sailor Mercury

Yes, pretty much every sailor on Sailor Moon could make this list, but they’d pretty much own the list. So instead I had to pick just one. The award goes to Sailor mercury for that awesome hairdo, and because of this hot little video we found…


Cheetarah is the sexiest Thundercat out there, and she’s a tiger chick. Seriously, look at those canine teeth! If you like a bit of biting when you’re getting down, you know this babe is the one for you!


Gi, also known as “that Asian chick from Captain Planet” is the planeteer that represented the water element, or however that crap worked. All I know is she was hot, she’s Asian (a bonus), and she liked to wear those little red short shorts before short shorts became popular. She knew they would. You know how smart them Asian folk are.


When I first thought of putting someone from Scooby Doo up here, my first thought was ‘Danger-prone’ Daphne, obviously. Granted she’s hot, but she’s also danger prone, and probably gets around. Velma, on the other hand, is also hot, but she’s got that whole nerdy chick with the glasses thing going on. You know she can get get kinky. That’s why she’s the one that made the list.


Before I go into this one, I feel I should reiterate: This is just a cartoon character so it’s totally not creepy. All you high and mighty types can just GTFO. Besides, she was never technically born, so I don’t think that whole 18 years old thing matters. Anyway, Blossom is just a big control freak ditz, and Bubbles is just too damn childish and sweet to care about. But the last Powerpuff Girl, Buttercup, is the hottie.


April is the only girl I know of to get down with some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Well, aside that one show in Tijuana, of course. She was hot, she was kind of a movie star and hey, how awesome is a woman that brings free pizza every time you see her? I know, right?

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