Best Racks Of Spring Break Contest

SoCal Glamour Girls, Break babes, and The Syn present – The Best Racks of Spring Break.

Ladies, it’s time to do a great service for all mankind.  Thousands of nerds across the world will not see the joys of spring break because they are too busy gaming, programming shit, or just don’t like the sun.  It is our duty to bring a little piece of spring break to them.  All you need to do is show us those headlights Regretful Morning style.

I have always wanted to show my tits for the greater good of mankind, how can I proceed?

  1. Write Regretful Morning on your boobs, or on a piece of paper in front of your boobs, and take a picture.  You can be creative and put an ‘R’ on one boobie, and an ‘M’ on the other, or even try to draw the logo.  As long as we know you’re posting your fun bags for us, we don’t care.
  2. Take a picture of your delicious tatas.
  3. Send that picture to (subject: Spring break boobs)

You will remain anonymous if you wish.

Guys: You can play too.  Seriously, give your GF a few coronas and talk her into it.  You could probably even find some random drunk girls at the beach and do it like that.  Just make sure they say it’s OK first because I’d rather not get threatening email from angry women who don’t remember striking poses.

Prizes: I can give away some tshirts, dvd’s, video games, and CD’s to 3 randomly rated racks.

And we’re off to the races!