8 Hilariously Awful PSAs

Public Service Announcements are a great way to get information to the masses by using over the top scenarios and examples to make a point.  We’ve picked out a few that made our head turn sideways like a confused German Shepard.  If these don’t make you say ‘what the fuck’ then the internet has callused you beyond belief.

Beware the Homosexual

Ahhh, the good old days where everyone thought homosexuality was either a disease, a mental illness, or a sign of psychopathy. Oh, and all homosexuals were pedophiles. This would explain so very much about the time period, especially those soda jerk outfits…

Star Wars anti smoking

If you’re anything like me, the first thing you said after watching this PSA is “Holy shit, R2D2 smokes? That makes that robot 30% cooler!” Then C3PO plays the concerned robo-friend who tells R2D2 just how bad smoking is for you. Well, like most robo-friends, this misinformed robot doesn’t realize that since R2D2 has no lungs, being a robot and all, smoking is the single coolest thing he can do. Yes, cooler than shooting off Luke’s light saber in Return of the Jedi.

Smoking weed is bad, and if you do it, your kids will

“I learned it watching you!” I don’t know how blazed a father would have to be to fail to notice his son watching him toke up. Seriously, that’s got to be about as sobering as sticking your nutsack into a bowl full of ice water. (On a related note, no that doesn’t sober you up quick, I tried) Aside the hypocrisy of toking up and telling your kid he can’t, how about he teaches his son that whole ‘Sharing is Caring’ shit? Even Barney knows that…

Don’t beat your wife, it’s bad

Ok, domestic abuse is a touchy subject. But still, so is spilling the goddamn coffee! I mean seriously, I work hard all goddamned day bringing home money so my whole fucking paycheck can go to keeping you and those brats fed because you can’t do shit yourself to help out around here- Sorry, lost control for a minute there. I get so pissed off when bitches spill coffee…
Cable TV will be the end of the world!

Ok, all this one says is don’t feed that monster in your tv, the one asking for money to pay for cable because, you know – Cable was never really going anywhere”¦

Don’t question me in front of my boys, bitch

Again, domestic abuse. Yet again, touchy subject. All I’m saying is if someone hadn’t had the bright idea to go ahead and promote little Miss Snippity all the way up to management, shit like this wouldn’t happen.

Pirating is just like stealing anything else

Well, I kind of see, maybe just a little bit, where they were going for the ironic angle. But you could have said “Don’t steal music if you wouldn’t steal a car” or something of the sort. Instead, Kid Rock, who is himself a pretty big K-bag (yes, we’ve replaced ‘Douceh’ with ‘Kanye’ for their similarity in meaning), presented a valid point. I do need a new iPod. And a new TV, a new truck, hell new furniture. So I’m collecting a crew and a truck to grab them, since Kid Rock says it’s ok. Message me to sign up!

Sex is pretty bad, actually

Talk about a buzzkill. Prior to many 80s pornos, this little diddy played. It tells you porn is just for marriage aids, none of the relationships are real, none of the videos depict healthy, sensitive sex. Always wear a condom, yadda yadda yadda. Here’s my question: This is a porno; when does the bitch get nekkid?

And finally, here is a video I scoured the web to find. In all reality, it’s more informative and necessary than anything else you’ve seen on this page. Well, here it is,
Stop fucking those guys

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