Jan 9, 2018

WATCH: Man Releases Squirrel Into The Wild: Shocking!

Imagine taking an injured animal into your home, raising like your own beloved pet, nursing it back to health. Then...

Jan 26, 2015

He’s Upset His Roommates Keep Eating His Food (0:18)

Groceries are expensive.  Time to set up a camera to see which roommates are eating your Fritos....

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Aug 19, 2014

Squirrel Trolls Cats 

Open the door, we just want to play.  ...

Jul 27, 2014

Guy Does CPR To Save Dead Squirrel (2:28)

Good Guy Greg finds a drowned squirrel and uses his fingers to attempt CPR.  Knowing rodent CPR is so...

Jul 2, 2014

Guy Builds Squirrel Obstacle and Provides Commentary

Kids these days are bored unless they have the latest and greatest consoles/pcs/smart phones – but the truth is, animals...

Jun 15, 2013

Mama Squirrel Gets Protective Of Her Baby

For some reason I’m enjoying posting videos of mothers in the animal kingdom lately.  This one is of a squirrel...

May 1, 2013

If Humans Crossed The Street Like Animals (4 Gifs)

No matter how intelligent and majestic you think animals are, you have to admit one thing: They are dumb as...

Squirrel jumps from 4th-story kitchen window without a mark

This squirrel somehow gets inside this guy’s kitchen and goes insane because he can’t find a way out.  He bolts...

Sep 24, 2012

Squirrel vs Boy

Kids want to catch and tame everything they can get their hands on.  It’s a part of growing up.  And...

Apr 26, 2012

Girl plays with dead squirrel as her dad laughs

This little girl finds a squirrel that her dog had just killed, and starts playing with it like it’s a...

May 10, 2011

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Mar 19, 2010

Man puts dead squirrel on penis and shows kids

Just another day at the park in Taney County right? Today we’re going to take some time to get to...

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