Jan 25, 2016

Panthers Fan Falls, World Laughs

Alright, so now that the Patriots caused more depression in New England than Winter Storm Jonas, the world is looking...

Sep 10, 2013

Hi-Tech Robots Will Replace Armed Guards

Terminator – It’s happening.  Sure right now these things are stationary but they can see better and aim better than...

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Feb 20, 2013

Loudmouth Tampa Fan Gets Choked Out By Security

This Tampa fan looks like a huge douchebag.  Just look at his face.  You know someone with an arrogant facial...

Nov 9, 2012

Drunk chicks are the worst

Aggressive drunk chicks are the absolute worst.  When dudes act like this they simply get their asses beat.  But when...

Aug 30, 2012

Security guards vs skaters

The feud between skaters and rent-a-cops is almost as common as the one between lions and hyenas.  It’s a shame...

Jul 24, 2012

Mall cops are useless

Unbelievable.  A guy catches a thief stealing his bike, gets it on camera, happens to be right in front of...

Jul 6, 2012

Brawl at Croatian Seaworld

Apparently the guy in the white shirt was causing a scene, so security was called.  And in Croatia when you’re...

TSA win

Most people hate the TSA, but I’m starting to wonder if a job in airport security might be a good...

Dec 27, 2011

Russian security guards are not like rent-a-cops

Seriously, does everyone in Russia know how to brawl? In America, mall security consists of a few fat asses riding...

Oct 4, 2011

Hilarious park ranger is completely inappropriate

This 50 year old park security guy caught a couple of teenagers tearing up the landscaping to build a few...

May 13, 2011

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