Jan 18, 2013

Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theorists Venn Diagram

For a minute there, I thought the people saying that the “Sandy Hook shooting was a conspiracy” were just trolls. ...

Jan 13, 2012

Morons accidentally let their car roll down a hill

These clowns got their car stuck in a roadside ditch, so they did the logical thing and tried to manually...

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Aug 5, 2011

Old men can’t fight

These two guys got in an argument over who has gone the longest without shitting their pants. When this little...

Apr 12, 2011

25 Ridiculous Hipsters Trying To Be Unique

If there’s one thing that people can collectively laugh at, it’s hipsters.  Hell, even hipsters point and giggle at other...

Mar 29, 2010

Retarded soccer fans overload a bus and own themselves

These guys are so hardcore that they never even made it to the game.  It’s funny when people have such...

Mar 11, 2010

7 of the Luckiest Men in America

Some guys have all the luck. While most men bust their ass to get ahead in life, some men have been fortunate enough to achieve the dreams of many, while doing very little. This can be anything from becoming famous, to earning lots of money, or to sleeping with a woman that is way out of their league.