Jan 4, 2017

Azealia Banks sacrifices chickens in witchcraft rituals. For real.

Azealia Banks is a musician most famous for the buttfucking insanity she exhibits on social media. She’s been banned by...

Apr 22, 2015

35 Amazing Optical Illusions

The mind can be easily tricked.  An optical illusion or visual illusion is when your eyes perceive something outside of...

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Dec 21, 2014

Grown Woman Becomes Annually Suicidal Because Santa is Fake

Call me insensitive, but I really don’t believe in things like “seasonal depression” so much as I believe in “being...

Dec 12, 2014

3 Insane Court Decisions

Court is a hassle that I don’t wish for anybody to deal with (like I did). There are rescheduled hearings,...

Sep 11, 2014

Crazy Naked Woman Screams, Chases Cars (0:41)

This woman is fired up but we don’t know why. I’m guessing she missed the season finale of ‘Say yes...

Apr 29, 2014

5 More Animals Who Are WAY Too Smart

One of the most satisfying moments with an animals is observing them doing something more intelligent than we’d assumed they...

Jun 5, 2013

Another Insane Dashcam Compilation, Courtesy of Russia

This is a compilation of butthole puckering close calls, brutal collisions, and a dog (don’t worry, the dog is OK)....

Insane Body Builders (8 Pics)

At what point do you become too big? Personally, I wouldn’t mind having a set of monster pythons that glistened...

Sep 4, 2012

Alex Jones doesn’t exaggerate

I believed every word until the army of pedophiles with nuclear weapons part.  The rest seems totally legit, no?...

Aug 29, 2012

Insane Optical Illusion Face Paintings

I’d never sit there for an hour waiting for my face to get painted, and I think that’s what makes...

Jul 9, 2012

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Jun 7, 2012

These Waterslides Look Intense (8 Pics)

Remember when you were a kid and going to the waterpark was one of the most monumental events of the...

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Feb 26, 2012

Die autobahn

This guy was driving 160 KPH which is close to 100 MPH and he was passed like he was standing...

Feb 12, 2012

And you thought you were manly

This guy’s got a love for vodka, enjoys the outdoors, and has a tiny bit of ice skating skills. Add...

Oct 21, 2011

A compilation of Nicolas Cage going completely insane

This is a lovely compilation of Nicolas Cage losing his shit in a few selected scenes. Anyone know what movie...

Aug 16, 2011

This is officially on my bucket list

Wingsuit jumping looks like it takes an enormous set of balls and skill, but holy shit the reward of being...