Oct 29, 2015

Turn Your Head and Cough (32 Sexy Nurse Costumes)

My favorite part of this holiday is how the girls try to out slut each other. It’s really just become...

Oct 11, 2015

Some Halloween Costumes Go Too Far

Hitler costume? No problem. Ku Klux Klan? Why not. But ISIS? Man, that’s way out of line. This Halloween, make...

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Jan 15, 2015

Cosplay Girls With Great Butts (15 Pics)

Cosplay girls with great booties, not sure if I can make the description any more clear than that. Kendall Jenner...

Oct 23, 2014

How About Some Foul-Mouthed Panties To Go With That Slutty Halloween Costume?

Are you ladies dressing up this Halloween? If you’re going to be sporting one of those outfits that has the...

Jul 3, 2014

5 Steps to Surviving Comic Con

Every summer the Wizard World Comic Con comes to Philadelphia. Having only ever been to one Comic Con, and never...

Oct 30, 2013

30 Sexy Reasons Why Men Like Halloween

Sure those bite sized Snickers are delicious, but I can get those any day.  What I can’t get everyday is...

Oct 28, 2013

Creative Costumes Are The Best Costumes (Pics)

Common household items and a dash of creativity will beat a Wal-Mart costume any day....

15 Sexy Superheros and Heroines

Halloween is my second favorite holiday.  My first favorite is 4th of July because holidays where you put on less...

Oct 28, 2013

3 MORE Costumes with Consequences!

I shared some horrible costume choices last week, but Halloween is quickly approaching, and I don’t want you to think...

Oct 21, 2013

3 Halloween Costumes with Consequences

  Halloween is the one day out of the year when it is acceptable to dress up in crazy costumes...

Oct 11, 2013

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Nov 4, 2012

I want to hang out with these chicks

*Butthead voice* so like, does this mean we’re going to score?...

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Oct 31, 2012

12 Creative Halloween Costumes From 2012

Here are some homemade costumes and crowd pleasers from Halloween 2012.  If all goes according to the Mayan calender, you...

Oct 14, 2011

Halloween: Then and Now

The older you get, the more you suck at Halloween. Remember when we used to pride ourselves on being a...

Oct 12, 2011

30 Seductively Sexy Witches

Have you guys noticed that after you become an adult, there is no longer a such thing as just a...

Oct 30, 2010

Halloween Costumes: Boys vs Girls

Have you ever noticed that you can add the words “sexy” or “slutty” to pretty much every single female Halloween...