Jan 15, 2013

Tramp Stamp Tuesday

This is Southern Kalee, and she’s making sure everyone knows that girls from the south are a force to be...

Jun 19, 2012

Tramp Stamp Tuesday

It’s everyone’s second favorite day of the week.  Today TST is brought to you by Jessica Canizales. This is usually...

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May 1, 2012

Tramp Stamp Tuesday

Good morning class. Today we’re going to make you strain your eyes a tiny bit because Christine Marie LeMaster’s tattoo...

Apr 7, 2012

Valerie Cormier assumes my favorite position

Guess who’s excited for bikini season?  You guessed it, Valerie Cormier.  I don’t know what I get so stoked for...

Apr 5, 2012

Teagan Presley is a little Minx

I didn’t really know anything about Teagan until one day while I was playing Quake 3, a troll with the...

Feb 2, 2012

Keeley Hazell deserves more worship

We’ve posted Keeley in the past, but that’s OK because I could post Keeley for the rest of my life...

Nov 11, 2011

Amanda Rae is here to stay

I really don’t know anything about today’s model.  The guy who runs mixed mag sent a zip file of her...

Melissa Reign needs my train

What up gang bangers?  Sorry about the server crash yesterday.  I know because of it, I completely dropped the ball...

Sep 15, 2011

Carly Ann Rose is not your average blonde

This little firecracker stays pretty active in social media so I’m sure she’ll notice me stalking her any day now. ...

Aug 13, 2011

TGIF Hottie: Asha

I love Asha. Not just because she’s got like the prettiest eyes ever, but because I know she could probably...

Jun 3, 2011

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Apr 20, 2011

9 Examples of Strip Poker From SCGL

Every Wednesday night, the lovely ladies at Socal Glamour Girls have a poker night.  Only instead of playing with money,...

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Apr 19, 2011

Tramp Stamp Tuesday

Damn that’s a nice iPhone. Have a good tramp stamp pic we should post? Dump the link in our Facebook...

Apr 12, 2011

Tramp Stamp Tuesday

Happy TST kids!  Today Jessica Barton will get things started with something that looks like an hourglass design with a...