4th of july

Jul 7, 2017

Independence Day Firework Celebration Goes Wrong

4th of July is a day of pride and honor for every American and they showcase that by celebrating with...

Jul 3, 2015

20 Patriotic Babes & American Flag Bikinis

Happy birthday America! Let’s take some time to reflect by getting wasted, eating these, and gawking at hot girls wearing...

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Jul 3, 2014

10 Sexy Girls Get The Grill Ready For The 4th

The only thing better than watching red meat simmer over the open flame while someone gets ready to serve you,...

Jul 3, 2013

11 Images Made For ‘Murica

Since I won’t be online much tomorrow, I gathered a little tribute for my beloved country.  I know we have...

Jul 3, 2013

15 Perfectly Placed Pasties

Tomorrow is the 4th of July. For those of you spending it at the beach, or any other water destination...

Jul 4, 2012

Karla Molina will make fireworks in your pants

Since everyone is posting American Flag bikini pictures today, I thought I’d skip finding them all over again.  Instead I’d...

It can’t be 4th of July without a dose of firework fails

When I was 14, my friend’s dad told us that we had to get rid of a dead calf out...

Jul 4, 2012

Happy Birthday America

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite patriotic posts to make this day complete. 4th of July Intoxication Levels America ...

Jul 4, 2010

5 awesome 4th of July fails

Try to keep this video in mind after you’ve guzzled beer number six and you’re starting to feel a little...

Jul 4, 2010

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Jul 2, 2010

35 Educational Examples Of Girls Who Drank Too Much

4th of July weekend is upon us once again.  So while you’re out celebrating our independence without a care in...

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