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  • Rappin’ For Jesus Posted by on February 12, 2013 under Video Vault
    At first I thought this was one of those sketch comedy skits that you see all over YouTube.  But then I saw that this was posted by some kid who had helped his pastor make this video back when he was in high school.  My god, it's magnificent. ... more.
  • The Most Creative Light Switch I’ve Ever Seen Posted by on February 11, 2013 under Pics
    If only turning a girl on would be this easy.... more.
  • Strip Club Owner and Troll Doesn’t Want To Pay Taxes Posted by on under Articles
    A strip club in New York has tried to troll their way out of paying taxes by finding a pretty nifty loophole. It appears that art and artistic performances are exempt from being taxed. A New York strip club that lost a bid to avoid paying taxes on money earned from... more.
  • Jordan Is In Much Better Shape Than You Posted by on under nsfw
    This is Jordan. I found these pictures on the internet but they don't include a source, so if you can help me find this flawless filly (for science) I would greatly appreciate it.  Dem abs! Tianna G Will Ease All Our Monday Pains - Caveman Circus The Most WTF P... more.
  • Syrian Rebels Have Trouble With Physics Posted by on under Video Vault
    The Syrian rebels are outclassed and outgunned in every way possible.  The lack of weapons has resulted in some makeshift engineering.  This looks like it's supposed to be some kind of mortar, but I don't think it's working too well. ... more.
  • Man’s Ego vs Woman’s Ego Posted by on February 10, 2013 under Pics
    What's worse?  Tiny penis or gaping vagina?... more.
  • Emanuela Folliero is Like a Fine Wine Posted by on February 9, 2013 under nsfw
    Dear Italy, you're doing it right.  Most women don't get hotter as they age, but for some reason this one does.  Emanuela Folliero turned 48 last Thursday.  Yep, she could be your mom.... more.
  • Worst Job Ever? Posted by on February 8, 2013 under Pics
    Unless you're her boyfriend.  In which case you now have a pro-bj giver.... more.
  • Your Weekly WTF Shots Are Here (11 Pics) Posted by on under Articles
    You guys know the drill.  Happy Friday, and prepare to scratch your head.... more.
  • Penny Mathis Fills Out Every Outfit Nicely Posted by on under nsfw
    We've featured Penny before, but I don't ever get tired of looking at her. It also looks like she's got some new outfits, let's have a looksie. Penny is 5'1, weighs 105 lbs and measures in at 38-23-34.  When Penny isn't swimsuit modeling, she's doing photoshoots fo... more.
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