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  • Love Hurts Posted by on May 16, 2013 under Pics
    Look at the bright side. You still have your health. ... more.
  • Photobombing Is An Art (19 Pics) Posted by on under Articles, Featured
    One of the descriptions for "photobomb" on Urban Dictionary says: An otherwise normal photo that has been ruined or spoiled by someone who was not supposed to be in the photograph. I'd almost beg to differ though. Most of the time, pictures are made better by the bo... more.
  • Face Down Ass Up (20 Pics) Posted by on under nsfw
    I like the part where they put their faces down and their butts go up.  PS - You're welcome for getting this song stuck in your head. This Is How Depressing Life Is If You Are Forever Alone (49 pics + 3 gifs) - Izismile Jessica Alba the Street Fighter is Fuelin... more.
  • Female Arm Wrestler Goes Full Retard Posted by on under Video Vault
    This competitive young lady gets a little carried away with her battle cry and it looks like something you'd see in The Exorcist.  Thankfully, future boyfriends now have something to reference when they want to know what her O Face and/or PMS rage face looks like. ... more.
  • Life (Demotivation) Posted by on May 15, 2013 under Pics
    I don't think they wear cups yet at that age either.  Get used to it kid, it won't be your first.... more.
  • Drunk Dude Steals Ambulance, Wrecks it, Runs Away Posted by on under Articles
    Do you guys remember when GTA 4 came out?  I can recollect picking it up right after I broke up with the bipolar sociopath that I was dating. I was in kind of a bad place and I loved GTA 4 because it allowed me to take my anger out on cab drivers and hookers. ... more.
  • Dat Sexy Tight Dress (15 Pics) Posted by on under nsfw
    I don't have a funny intro or anything today because I can't think of anything else to say about hot girls in tight dresses.  I can tell you that Nolan Ryan pitched his first no-hitter today, 40 years ago. He had a total of 5,714 strike outs. Which is almost as hig... more.
  • Little Russian Girl Gets Sound Driving Advice From Dad Posted by on under Video Vault
    Outside of driving like a snail, this dad is giving his little girl some solid advice that she can use if she's ever in an automobile accident.  Lol @ her excitement at the end. ... more.
  • Worst Grand Kids Ever Posted by on May 14, 2013 under Pics
    I'm usually pretty optimistic about the future.  But then I see stuff like this... ... more.
  • Guy Gets Busted Trying To Pork A Prostitute…On His Honeymoon Posted by on under Articles
    Take a deep breath in through your nose. Do you smell that? It's wedding season and love is in the air. Unfortunately, not all weddings have a fairytale ending, and a lot of the time they end in divorce. However, things don't usually get bumpy this early on. Such is... more.
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