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  • 5th Element Susan Boyle Spoof Posted by on June 15, 2009 under Video Vault
    Be honest for a minute.¬† If you had to choose between this alien chick and Susan Boyle, who's ass would you rather tap?¬† Although I enjoy the chubbies, I think my Twi'lek fetish is more serious. (more…)... more.
  • Family Doctor Posted by on June 14, 2009 under Comics
    via SMBC Asking your uncle to help you move is a pretty good idea. Asking him to move organs around on your spouse, maybe not so much.... more.
  • Wanderlei Silva vs. Rich Franklin Posted by on under Video Vault
    Wanderlei 'The Axe Murder' Silva vs. Rich 'Ace' Franklin @ UFC 99 The Comback¬† (Germany). (more…)... more.
  • Toddler does a sidewalk faceplant Posted by on June 13, 2009 under Video Vault
    This little guy was cruising right along until his left foot decided to stop walking. Watching little kids fall down brings me much excitement. (more…)... more.
  • Truthful Sexual Health Boxes Posted by on under Articles, Featured
    One time when I was in the hospital my dad came by and tried to cheer me up with a joke. Him: Have you ever noticed the numbers on the very bottom of condoms after you roll them on? Me: No Him: I guess you don't have to roll yours down very far either *cackle* ... more.
  • TGIF Hottie: Adorable topless fitness chick Posted by on June 12, 2009 under nsfw
    This cute blonde doesn't like to wear clothes while she's pumping iron. Very understandable, clothes can be restraining. Hopefully this becomes a trend. Clothing optional gyms would kick ass. (more…)... more.
  • Treadmill Ownage Unreal Tournament Style Posted by on under Video Vault
    I tried, but I can't think of a faster way to remove your shoes and hat at the same time. DOMINATING!!! [flv: 555 330]... more.
  • When exercising goes wrong Posted by on under Video Vault
    This MMA fighter is trying to crank out a few sets when...oops. Watch him try to stand up afterwords. (more…)... more.
  • Turn that frown upside down Posted by on June 11, 2009 under Pics
    You know you've got a creative gift when you can turn something that initially isn't very cool, into something awesome. Popular Links: 10 badass tv covers - Gunaxin Ridiculously Nice High Schools and Colleges From Around the World - Uncoached Denzel and Travol... more.
  • Kitten Cannon Posted by on under Games
    Space bar launches the kitty Up and down keys adjust the barrel If you can beat 1392 then you own. (more…)... more.
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