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  • TGIF Hottie: Soapy carwash babe Posted by on July 17, 2009 under nsfw
    This might be the best rack I've stumbled across all week. Also, if you know who this is please let me know. I'll try to get an interview with her, provided I don't bust in my shorts as soon as she says "hi." (more…)... more.
  • Smell Like Alcohol? You Get Tazed, Bro! Posted by on July 16, 2009 under Video Vault
    The only thing better than getting tazed is getting tazed with your mom. Cops, fuck yeah! (more…)... more.
  • Attention Prostitute Posted by on under Pics
    Italy seems pretty cool.  This doesn't even look like an actual caution sign because "attenzione" means "attention" no?  It's more of a friendly heads up.  Sort of like "Hey, stop searching through your iPod for a minute, you're about to roll up on some hoes." ... more.
  • Fragger Posted by on under Games
    Shoot grenades to blow up the "people". Use the least amount possible for better score. You get special upgrades after completing each skill level (Normal, Hard and Elite). Once you finish Elite it's gravy. (Click thumbnail to play.) (more…)... more.
  • 5 Movies That Ironically Failed To Make Their Point Posted by on under Articles, Featured
    Hollywood and the average Joe have developed an unspoken rule in the entertainment industry.  That rule states "We'll give you a happy ending and some cool shit to look at, as long as you don't use logic when trying to analyze our plot." V for Vendetta - In the futu... more.
  • Dude tries to back flip off a bridge Posted by on under Video Vault
    When you don't have athletic ability or looks, you can always count on getting attention by doing retarded stunts. (more…)... more.
  • Mom, I changed my mind about Bible Camp Posted by on July 15, 2009 under Pics
    Little Tommy was hesitant to spend the summer at bible camp (until he saw the road signs). Popular Links: Top 10: Worst Sports Logos - Ask Men A Dozen Video Game Firsts - Gunaxin “Ghetto baskets” are a classy gift - Blog of Hilarity Donatello Gets Screwed... more.
  • Demolition City Posted by on under Games
    Place dynamite on concrete portions of building frame and click BOOM!. Demolish building and make sure it's below the required height limit. How fast did you finish? (more…)... more.
  • The Evil Fart Posted by on under Video Vault
    THIS IS FARTAAAAAAAAAA! (more…)... more.
  • Passionate blogger drops bomb on MSNBC Posted by on under Video Vault
    This little democratic spark plug gets into a heated debate on MSNBC.  Hilarity ensues. (more…)... more.
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