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  • The 10x Bacon Subway Turkey Melt Posted by on August 7, 2009 under Articles, Featured
    Today at lunch I decided to change it up a bit by ordering 10 extra bacon for a 6 inch turkey sub from Subway.  The result was a taste bud orgasm of monstrous proportions. I wouldn't recommend doing this every day, as it put me to sleep directly afterward.  It al... more.
  • Brutal last name combo Posted by on under Pics
    I just hope they don't decide to hyphenate before having kids.  That's basically 12 guaranteed years of teasing. Popular Links: Hand job machine - College Humor I split my vag - Blog of Hilarity Find Out How To Impress A Girl With Your Car - AskMen A history... more.
  • Extreme water sliding should be a sport Posted by on under Video Vault
    Fake? Not Fake? Do you see pixels? Either way, this looks like the most awesome water slide I've ever seen. (more…)... more.
  • TGIF Hottie: Babes strip to Steel Panther Posted by on under nsfw
    Alright kids, throw up those devil horns and spray some Aquanet in your faces. If there's one thing that can make hair metal even more awesome, it's half naked hot chicks. (more…)... more.
  • The world’s most badass jogger Posted by on August 6, 2009 under Pics
    Just being on the same road as this guy instantly grants you +100 man points. Popular Links: The sun can be terrifying - Blog of Hilarity 6 Musicians Who Left Bands Right Before They Got Famous - College Humor Asa Akira is gorgeous - Ask Men Tucker Max IHT... more.
  • Y0 DAWG (nsfw) Posted by on under nsfw
    I realize this meme is dead but I saw this picture the other day and just couldn't resist. Today's babes ... more.
  • Cheerleader gets owned Posted by on under Video Vault
    High School pep rallies were never this cool when I was in school. Oh wait, there was this one time when a chick was doing high kicks and her T-string was showing. That wasn't too awesome though. (more…)... more.
  • I like you pee on us Posted by on August 5, 2009 under Pics
    A golden shower, while howling at the moon, and swallowing mouthfuls of semen...What a lovely combo. Popular Links: Charles Rogers loves weed - MSF Major league baseball babes - Straite Pinkie He's not bluffing! - College Humor If movie posters used bad rev... more.
  • 30 Babes wearing camo Posted by on under Featured, nsfw
    Hi kids, this gallery really doesn't need an intro.  Just grab some lotion and something to clean yourself up with. ... more.
  • Dune buggy vs crowd Posted by on under Video Vault
    This dune buggy driver knocks himself out on a hill climb while his foot was on the gas. Oops! (more…)... more.
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