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  • TGIF Hottie: Grindhouse Girls Posted by on September 25, 2009 under nsfw
    A handful of the hottest cam girls dancing to "Get your dead on." Also, the chick wearing the pedobear shirt is magical. Have a safe weekend kids. (more…)... more.
  • Bad Economy = good? Posted by on September 24, 2009 under Pics
    This is a stretch but it's logical.  If hot chicks become dirt poor, eventually they'll just be walking around naked, no?  ... more.
  • Rammstein makes a super NSFW music vid Posted by on under nsfw
    Remember when Marilyn Manson made that jacked up music video a few years ago where people said he was actually having sex with some 18 year old girl? It was highly debated because you really couldn't tell. Well apparently Rammstein didn't want to make that same mistak... more.
  • Breaking: Pedobear goes to jail Posted by on under Articles, Featured
    Don't look so shocked, you knew it was bound to happen.  The only only public statements out of PB's camp are as follows: "Dude, she said she was 18."  Pedobear was finally apprehended in the parking lot of a pre school where he was "looking for his pog collection." ... more.
  • Hot Girlfriend Scared By Fake Head Posted by on under Video Vault
    This is sort of like one of those Burger King commercials, only with a hot chick and a different head. So actually it's not like one of those commercials at all. (more…)... more.
  • Need Toilet Paper Posted by on September 23, 2009 under Pics
    When complaining fails to deliver results, just remember that you can always write them a note in shit.  ... more.
  • 25 Spank Worthy Hand Bras Posted by on under Featured, nsfw
    When a smoking hot babe "accidentally loses" her top, and tries to cover her nipples with her hands, we get a phenomenon known as "the hand bra."  I think what I love most about the hand bra is that I can actually fire a load using pics like this, without ever seeing a... more.
  • Rope Swing Stunt Ends in Fail Posted by on under Video Vault
    These two geniuses really wanted to win their Darwin award, so they decided to test the weight capacity of this homemade rope swing. (more…)... more.
  • TK-243 Reporting For Duty Posted by on September 22, 2009 under Pics
    TK-243 is about to learn what the dark side is all about. Popular Links: Cops stop drug raid to play Wii - Blog of Hilarity 15 Classic Cheech And Chong Scenes - HMJ Five Kickass Sidekicks (That Are Way Cooler Than Their Bosses) - Gunaxin The Infinisphereb - C... more.
  • Tramp Stamp Tuesday Posted by on under nsfw
    Be honest, how many times do you think that little X has been covered in spunk? Have a good tramp stamp pic we should post? Dump the link in our Facebook group or drop us an email. Check out last weeks tramp stamp. More Babes: Sexy Lingerie Model Bentley... more.
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