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  • 9 Weekly WTF Images To Bring in The Weekend Posted by on June 28, 2013 under Articles
    It's time once again for your moderate dose of WTF.  Not sure how I feel about this set to be honest.  I was eating a sandwich when I found pic #9 and my stomach still hasn't recovered.... more.
  • 15 Delicious Dumpers To Deliver The Weekend Posted by on under nsfw
    TGIF, bitches.  Here are some links that will brighten your journey through the internet. Guy accidentally hooks up with tranny - TC Mag Beach side cutie - Double Viking Who Does Marvel Want Vin Diesel to Play? - Furious Fanboys The Last of Us (Based on Com... more.
  • Bill Burr Predicts Paula Deen’s Return Posted by on under Video Vault
    Bill Burr thinks Paula Deen will be back much sooner than later.  Why?  Because she can make the network money.  He says we should put all of the "racist slip up" people on one network instead of firing them - you know, because they aren't actually fired. ... more.
  • What’s For Dinner? Posted by on June 27, 2013 under Pics
    You're right Kitty.  Unlike tuna, you'll never run out of this meal. ... more.
  • Crazy Gay Roommate Blackmails Dude With Naked Pictures Posted by on under Articles
    It's been at least a week since we posted anything from Florida so here we are, this one shouldn't disappoint. I think I'm going to start off with a multiple-choice question. Two of the answers will be acceptable. If you choose the wrong answer, the story below will... more.
  • 15 Busty Beauties Who Want To Show You Their Bras Posted by on under nsfw
    I don't have a good intro to this gallery other than "Mmm boobs" in a creepy Homer Simpson voice.  Instead I will give you a tid bit of trivia.  25 years ago today (6/27/88) Tyson fought Spinks.  Somebody gets knocked the fuck out in the first round.  Care to wa... more.
  • Ex-Girlfriend Makes Whale Sounds In Voicemail Posted by on under Video Vault
    I wonder if that's her only trick or can she make other animal sounds too?  If sad is a whale, then maybe mad is a wombat, and happy is a hyena. ... more.
  • These Are The Droids You’re Looking For Posted by on June 26, 2013 under Pics
    The lightsaber in my pants just went from six to midnight. ... more.
  • The 6 Craziest Conservative Congressmen In America Posted by on under Articles
    As you get older, political discussions within your social groups happen more frequently.  Having been raised in a small town, I stay conservative on things like hunting animals for food, the fourth amendment, and the death penalty - because let's face it, pieces o... more.
  • Peekandplay aka Lana Kendrick Is More Than Gifted Posted by on under nsfw
    Before deleting her reddit account, PeekandPlay became quite the sensation on the /r/GoneWild board. If you're unfamiliar with reddit's GoneWild subreddit, you should check it out for (scientific reasons no doubt.) It's basically a bunch of girls saying "I'm really ... more.
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