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  • 15 Funny Examples of “Seems Legit” Posted by on September 25, 2013 under Articles, Featured
    Yesterday I found this image and decided that these are funny enough to make a gallery out of.  So here are 15 more examples of things in life that seem totally legit.... more.
  • Alesha Is A Vixen We’d Like To Meet Posted by on under nsfw
    I'd like you to meet Alesha.  Sadly, I've scoured through every source I have and can't seem to find a Twitter account or bio for her.  The only thing we know is that she models for Alluring Vixens.  Anyway, tough anniversary for Mormons today.  123 years ago to... more.
  • Judge Judy Destroys Deadbeat Posted by on under Video Vault
    We are currently on day 3 of Justice Week.  Today we'll watch Judge Judy make quick work of a ridiculous douchebag who was using his step-daughter's college grant to put rims on his car.  The car that he in fact bought from her but decided not to pay for because s... more.
  • Obviously Legit Posted by on September 24, 2013 under Pics
    I like her moves though, I may need to take a page out of her book.  "Sure it's small but it has special powers."  ... more.
  • Parenting Fail: Florida Dad Leaves Child In Strip Club Parking Lot Posted by on under Articles
    It's becoming a trend in Florida for dads to take their kids to strip clubs. In the last year, five men have been arrested for leaving their kids unattended while they watched some boobies bounce. Today we're gonna take a look at 25-year-old Jordan Caraway, who left... more.
  • Tramp Stamp Tuesday Posted by on under nsfw
    Today's lower back ink is brought to us by a New York native and hard body.  Jennifer Nicole Lee aka Jennifer Nicole Siciliano is a fitness guru who played a small part in the recent Mark Wahlberg / Dwayne Johnson movie, Pain and Gain. 38 year old Jennifer has been... more.
  • Arrogant Lady Won’t Roll Window Down During Traffic Stop Posted by on under Video Vault
    During a traffic stop, it's common knowledge to roll your window down during a traffic stop.  Unfortunately, this lady thought it would be a good idea to roll the officers arm up in the window instead.  The result was a fine, busted window, cut arm, and a bunch of... more.
  • Illegal Porn Operation Accidentally Sends Mags To Police Chief Posted by on September 23, 2013 under Articles
    The competition within the porn distribution industry is pretty intense. To stay on top you need to be creative. Unfortunately creativity and the border of legality are a fine line. Nevertheless, sending truckloads of porn catalogs to random men is a pretty good way... more.
  • 15 Sexy Self Shots Should Help Us Slide Thru Monday Posted by on under nsfw
    Let's counter those grouchy Monday faces with a few sizzling selfies. Mythbusters, Grand Theft Auto 5 Style - Heavy Emma Watson Wants Sweaty Sex - Celeb Jihad Kate Hudson Looked Pretty in Purple at the iHeartMusic Festival - G Celeb 22 People Having A Worst ... more.
  • Cheating Girlfriend Gets Busted Posted by on under Video Vault
    For the next 5 days we're going do "Justice Week."  Basically - videos involving karma, revenge, or justice will get posted.  To start off Justice Week we're going to meet a nice young lady who was getting diddled by two dudes.  Usually I'm OK with this, and I th... more.
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