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  • Pants = Shat Posted by on September 29, 2013 under Pics
    Time to change the wetsuit.... more.
  • Purrfectly Content Posted by on September 28, 2013 under Pics
    I'd be happy too.... more.
  • 4 Die Hard Movies (That Were Almost Other Films) Posted by on under Articles
    When you have a successful franchise, there can be overwhelming demand for a sequel. Yet writing installment after installment can get tiresome, so sometimes a franchise will just kinda write their characters into an unrelated screenplay. Or, in the case of Die Hard... more.
  • Troll Cat vs Card Tower Posted by on September 27, 2013 under Pics
    That looks like it took you a long time to build, but I don't like it.... more.
  • Weekly WTF (12 Pics) Posted by on under Articles
    It's everyone's favorite day of the week.  The pictures we wanted to use throughout the week, but didn't because they might be offensive, get lumped up into what you're about to look at.  Good luck.... more.
  • Scarlett Johansson vs Kate Beckinsale (20 Pics) Posted by on under nsfw
    This is going to be one of the hardest Battle of the Babes that I've ever done.  I've always been a fan of big boobs so Scarlett should win by default, but Kate's rear end is phenomenal and that accent is incredibly sexy.  I'll leave it up to you. Man Falls on ... more.
  • Bully In The Bleachers Takes a Quick Nap Posted by on under Video Vault
    #JusticeWeek is coming to an end.  Thanks for all of the lovely suggestions.  Today we'll watch a Russian bully as he tries to pick a fight with a smaller man.  He wasn't expecting the guy to have back up though, and well, learns a quick lesson. ... more.
  • 3 Teachers Who Took Things Way Too Far Posted by on September 26, 2013 under Articles
    Sometimes in life we'll take notice of a child misbehaving and say to ourselves "God damn, that kid needs some discipline." The following teachers share our views, but take them to the extreme. 3) Coach Gives Student a Crybaby Award Twenty five students and their ... more.
  • Paulina Gretzky Great Genes, Looks Even Better Without Them Posted by on under nsfw
    I haven't been this excited about a Gretzky since the fifth grade. That was when I got my first LA Kings hat. But that excitement was for Wayne Gretzky, and as awesome as he is, he just can't rock a bikini the way his daughter does. 24-year-old Paulina Gretzky was b... more.
  • AutoZone Worker Dominates Violent Thug Posted by on under Video Vault
    A violent street bully came in to an AutoZone store with a mouthful of threats that his ass couldn't cash.  I'll give you a hint how this ends. "he sleep, he sleep, he sleep" #JusticeWeek ... more.
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