We want YOU! Not in a Bill Cosby-kinda way — we want you to step up and become a writer for our rapidly growing entertainment network. We’re looking to grow RM in all sorts of new directions, and need talented, motivated people to help make it happen.

Here’s why you should write for Regretful Morning:

  • Build a sick portfolio for your writing resume
  • Create the fun, viral-type content you and your friends already share every day
  • Work on an EXTREMELY flexible schedule
  • Potential for free gift cards, event passes, merch and more! (We’ll get to that in a minute…)

What type of stuff are we looking for?

Blogs, lists, reviews, interviews, funny videos, jokes… ALL ideas are welcome. If you meet our standards, we’ll welcome you with open arms. (Again, not in the Cosby way.)

Now, about those gift cards…

We’re not expecting you to go unrewarded. By being an active writer and social media rockstar for Regretful Morning, you’ll have the chance to earn perks and gift cards (which come in handy at the holidays and when no one is passing the hat for liquor). This is how we’re breaking it down:

  • $50 Visa gift card for highest trafficked post of each month
  • $25 Visa gift card for second-highest trafficked post of each month
  • $100 (additional) Visa gift card for highest trafficked post of each quarter
  • $250 (additional) Visa gift card for highest trafficked post of year
  • Additional bonuses based on volume, social sharing, most commented, and more. (coming soon!)
  • Potential company profit sharing option for top performers (TBD)

As the site grows, so will this rewards system. Your success is directly connected to ours, and believe us — we want to share the good tidings.

If you’re interested, stop reading this and send an email to editor[AT]millennial-group[DOT]com. What you send is up to you, but be sure to catch our attention. Give us your best writing samples, and show us you have a sense of humor. You’ll need it.