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  • Bully gets wrecked by old man 0 CommentsPosted by on December 14, 2012 under Video Vault
    There is no sound in this video but you can tell what's going on.  A shirtless douchebag is all up in this old dude's face until he meets the left hook of justice.  The old dude's dog gets a few good bits in as well.  I love stuff like this happens. ... more
  • Japanese girl adorably explains Star Wars 1 CommentsPosted by on December 13, 2012 under Video Vault
    This is Mika. She has never seen Star Wars up until now.  Her English isn't perfect but I think what you can take away from this is that Star Wars is a pretty kickass flick. ... more
  • Wet bridge claims several vehicles 0 CommentsPosted by on December 12, 2012 under Video Vault
    There is a pretty decent size puddle in front of this bridge that causes vehicles to hydroplane.  Thankfully, these people aren't dumb, so they move their vehicles once they're done spinning...wait. ... more
  • Cop has the closest call of his life 0 CommentsPosted by on December 11, 2012 under Video Vault
    Everything seems to be going normal in the first part of this DUI when all of a sudden... The click you hear was a previously used round that hadn't been removed from the gun. It probably saved the cops life. The drunk dirtbag wasn't as lucky. ... more
  • The misfortune of others will get us through Monday 0 CommentsPosted by on December 10, 2012 under Video Vault
    Watching people get hurt or fail releases something in the brain which makes us think it's funny.  So let's watch some people get hurt and feel better about Monday, OK? ... more
  • Norwegian badass part 3 0 CommentsPosted by on December 7, 2012 under Video Vault
    We've posted a few of this guy's videos and they just don't seem to get old.  It's minus whatever degrees where he lives and for some reason that inspires him to get naked, drink vodka, and ice skate into freezing lakes.  I love you. ... more
  • The ‘You’re so hot’ game 1 CommentsPosted by on December 6, 2012 under Video Vault
    Have you run out of games to play with your hetero friends?  Then I've got one you might enjoy. ... more
  • Best train ride ever? (nsfw) 0 CommentsPosted by on December 5, 2012 under Video Vault
    Apparently this chick and her friend needed some footage for a spicy music video that is being made down in Mexico. So instead of being all Hollywood and renting out an expensive set that contained a train scene, this chick hopped on a public transit and started str... more
  • Bull owns several idiots 0 CommentsPosted by on December 4, 2012 under Video Vault
    I get it that bullfighting is a cultural thing so I won't try to offend anyone by saying it's the most retarded "sport" ever.  That said, I hope the people who encourage this don't get upset when I cheer for the bull.  It's Darwin's theory.  Eventually we will ev... more
  • Homo thugs 0 CommentsPosted by on December 3, 2012 under Video Vault
    Take the rough attitude of a Brooklyn thug, and mix it with a touch of gay.  Fabulous. ... more
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