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Rough Night? Let us find the content!


Never mess with a WWII vet

This 92 year old vet had been robbed 3 times, and had finally had enough.  When the senior citizen heard a rustling in his house he knew what…

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Drunk chicks are the worst

Aggressive drunk chicks are the absolute worst.  When dudes act like this they simply get their asses beat.  But when a girl does it everyone…

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Terry Bradshaw is racist

As Reggie Bush runs down the field Bradshaw gives some pretty deep and well articulated commentary.  “It looks like he’s chasin’ a bucket of…

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Google voice vs Siri

With so many fanboys swinging from Apple’s nuts, you’d think that Siri would be the best thing to happen since sliced bread.  Gizmodo did a…

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Never get cocky in a fight

When you take part in a sport where the object is to hit the other person in the face until they’re unconscious, it’s probably not a good idea to…

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Serious 90’s nostalgia

Does anyone miss the 90’s?  I do.  One thing they didn’t add though was the start up sound for the Playstation 1.  That changed…

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Gay demon gets an exorcism

Apparently the old dude in the vest has a filthy stinking homosexual sex demon inside of him that just doesn’t want to come out!  If you find…

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Jenna Haze in PG porn

Have you watched so much porn that the intercourse bores you but you still watch it for the hilarious plot?  Then PG porn is just what you…

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