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Rough Night? Let us find the content!


Maury is awesome

Whenever you think your family sucks, or life is f*cked up, I just watch a Maury highlight reel.  Once thing that I really enjoy is how they’ve had… Read More

Elephant destroys a moron

List of ideas that aren’t very bright: Waving branches at a 10k pound elephant and then trying to pet it. God I love when animals own… Read More

Hi-5 Fail

It’s pretty embarrassing when you throw your hand up to celebrate a spectacular moment in life with another person, only to be completely shunned by… Read More

Zebra bites fat chick

I bet you thought you’d never see a zebra attack a whale. Well, prepare to have your mind blown. *Steve Irwin Voice* Now roit here, the zebra sees… Read More

Trolling on the farm

Farm animals are pretty awesome.  They don’t have to deal with shit head kids getting up in their grill and tapping the glass of their house… Read More

Spider trolls NASA launch

A spider cruises across the monitor during a rocket launch. The male anchorman finds it hilarious, while his female co host is unamused and… Read More

Weak dog gets owned by cat

I hate these small rat looking dogs.  There is one next door that just won’t shut the f*ck up.  Several cats have chased it home and it still… Read More