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Rough Night? Let us find the content!


Norwegian badass part 3

We’ve posted a few of this guy’s videos and they just don’t seem to get old.  It’s minus whatever degrees where he lives and for some reason…

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Bull owns several idiots

I get it that bullfighting is a cultural thing so I won’t try to offend anyone by saying it’s the most retarded “sport” ever.  That said, I hope…

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Homo thugs

Take the rough attitude of a Brooklyn thug, and mix it with a touch of gay. …

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Roommate audition prank

I’ve never had to interview future roommates before, but if I ever do, this is how I’m going to get rid of the people I don’t want.  It’s always…

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The Jets are awful

If you watched any football on Thanksgiving, there is a good chance the highlight of those games was the Jets.  Or, the train wreck that showed…

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