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Rough Night? Let us find the content!


Another WTF By Tim and Eric

Tim and Eric are known for raising the bar on anything WTF related.  I’m sure everyone remembers the masterpiece titled “Dance Floor Dale.” …

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Suddenly, I Want To Buy a Car

I don’t know what this video is about, and I didn’t even see what kind of car it was.  But I’m ready to buy whatever you want me to, just to see…

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Russians In Da Hood

I’ve struck gold today boys.  You all know that my favorite videos are either of drunk Russians beating the shit out of each other, or something…

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Only In Russia

This is why I love Russia.  Cracked out hamsters? Check.  Drunk moving companies? Check.  Mall cops that will kick your teeth in?  Check. …

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Ham Overload

I’d just like to apologize to all of the cats around the world.  We know this will turn into a YouTube…

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Ridiculous Plane Crash

This pilot apparently had some behavioral issues.  Taking a plane this size beyond it’s limits was one of those issues.  Wikipedia had the…

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