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Rough Night? Let us find the content!


Back flip fail on skis

The saying among sports extremists is “go big or go home.” This kid didn’t want to go home, so he went to the ER instead. A for effort… Read More

Forever Alone: Level 99

This guy wasn’t going to let the absence of a girlfriend ruin his valentine’s day. Like a boss, he headed to the mall to find “true love.” The kind… Read More

And you thought you were manly

This guy’s got a love for vodka, enjoys the outdoors, and has a tiny bit of ice skating skills. Add those all together and you’ve got yourself a man… Read More

A very colorful weatherman

A video has gone viral of a weatherman that really enjoys his job. I honestly hope that the suits at the station don’t see this as a bad thing…. Read More

News anchor has a dirty mind

So she judges a sausage competition but from the way she’s talking I’m not sure if she’s grading them on taste alone, or if length and girth… Read More

Maury is awesome

Whenever you think your family sucks, or life is f*cked up, I just watch a Maury highlight reel.  Once thing that I really enjoy is how they’ve had… Read More