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Rough Night? Let us find the content!


Section 8 Rental Fail

Here in the United States we have a government program called section 8. It was designed to assist families in need of affordable housing. In…

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This Is The Next Bruce Lee

I’m not saying that Taekwondo is the most useless form of martial arts but… Oh wait, yes I am.  This guy has his blackbelt and the only thing…

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Dog Devours Two Kittens

If you landed here via Google search, then I’m here to pull the demon out of your soul by using an overload of cuteness.  Currently, we are…

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I’m a Bus

I like when he blows by the chick and almost knocks her over with his wake.  “GTFO my way losers, I got a stop to…

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Baby Loves Mutombo

Laughing babies always makes me laugh.  And when they’re laughing at something ridiculous like big Mutombo swatting bitches down, it makes it…

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