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Rough Night? Let us find the content!



Rope Swing vs Big Girl

Becky was looking to make a big splash but fell a little short. A lot short actually. But the moral we need to take away from this is that…

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Halloween Fail Compilation

Let’s hope we can add a few more this year. This is last year’s Halloween Fail compilation. Drink more, act stupider, wear less. The rest will…

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Terrifying Halloween Prank

There are quite a few lackluster Halloween pranks on YT, and most of them are awful. So I’m not afraid to admit that I’d need a fresh pair of…

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Did You Eat a Cupcake?

This little boy knows how to stick to a story.  When his dad asks “Did You Eat a Cupcake?” he doubles down like a champ.  Keeping a straight…

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Two Idiots Try To Block Road

Two morons from Lithuania thought they’d be funny by blocking the road.  They succeeded, but the joke was on them.  and that joke came in the…

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