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Rough Night? Let us find the content!


Doing Yoga like a boss

“I’ll join you ladies in a minute, I’m more of a visual learner though.” He’s still not quite as awesome as this guy… Read More

Die autobahn

This guy was driving 160 KPH which is close to 100 MPH and he was passed like he was standing still.  If you ever travel to Germany, rent a fast… Read More


It’s a good thing she didn’t say “It’s what your father calls your mother” otherwise the little girl would be like “We’re eating stupid… Read More

Piercing fail: level 99

Today we’ve got another retard who got a bunch of body mods done that unfortunately won’t do a thing for him.  Well other than never getting… Read More

Level 99 Omegle Troll

Trolling Omegle is somewhat of an art.  99% of its users are horny dudes looking for something that will never happen.  A good Omegle troll can… Read More

A man’s love for Star Wars

So I watched Ep 1 in 3D over the weekend and I’ve come to a simple conclusion.  No matter how bad Lucas film effs up these movies, they still… Read More

Free gum

This day just keeps getting better.  First someone gave me free gum, and then I realized it was Juicy Fruit. … Read More

How do I get back at my mom?

You know Eric, I’d say keep doing what you’re doing.  It’s original, shocking, and it really makes your mom think twice about pissing you off. … Read More