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Rough Night? Let us find the content!


A man’s love for Star Wars

So I watched Ep 1 in 3D over the weekend and I’ve come to a simple conclusion.  No matter how bad Lucas film effs up these movies, they still… Read More

Free gum

This day just keeps getting better.  First someone gave me free gum, and then I realized it was Juicy Fruit. … Read More

How do I get back at my mom?

You know Eric, I’d say keep doing what you’re doing.  It’s original, shocking, and it really makes your mom think twice about pissing you off. … Read More

The truth about rhinos

  I knew there was more to these mysterious creatures than a big horn and a bad attitude.  Glad I’m not the only one who has wondered… Read More

Creative advertising (NSFW)

I’ve never looked at a man and admired his chest before but I guess there’s a first time for anything.  I’ll even take this a step further and… Read More


It’s Super Bowl Sunday. Another excuse to drink ourselves into a stuper, eat a bunch of calorie filled food, and yell at the TV. If I’m late with… Read More

Your daily Mind F*ck

I have a confession to make.  “The Ring” psychologically butt f*cked me pretty bad.  I live alone and have a pretty big TV so every time I… Read More

Snoopy…you dog

And he can get away with it too because girls think it’s funny when dog’s dry hump them or sniff their cooter, but when we do it, all hell breaks… Read More

Photobomb win

It’s a rarity to come across a circle of boobs in the wild like this, so photobombing them is almost unheard of.  +1 to you good… Read More

Young love fail

This is a new trend that pathetic couples are doing to show the world they have a boyfriend/girlfriend.  Fortunately for us, these kids aren’t… Read More