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Rough Night? Let us find the content!


Deaf troll

OK fine, but I was only honking to tell you that you left your baby on the roof of your car.  Joke’s on… Read More

Cat vs kid

One thing that I like about animals is how they don’t give a damn about how pussified our society has become.  If someone doesn’t get out of… Read More

Multitasking father

Lesson #1:  If you feed women enough of these cold drinks, they’ll let you put your penis inside them.  Hence the reason you’re… Read More

Rape protest fail

To answer the young lady on the right…the answer is: I’d really enjoy it, go ahead and lay some rape on me whenever you’re… Read More


This is what I tell people when I piss myself in public.  “I’m trying to feel the warmth of… Read More