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Rough Night? Let us find the content!



Peeping Tom at the Pool

Name: Mike Age: Early twenties My parents had left town so me and my girlfriend helped ourselves to the liquor cabinet.  We drank margaritas… Read More


Graveyard Guzzling

Name: Gene Location: Oregon Since I was a teenager, I’ve always enjoyed cemeteries at night.  If I could live in one (ABOVE ground, please) I… Read More


Relax, its hair gel

Name: Lance Age: 20 I was a Sophomore in College and was visiting my parents for spring break.  My home town was somewhat dead compared to… Read More


The Gas Station Sprint

Name: Rachel Age: 23 So I went out for dinner and drinks with the guy I was dating on a Thursday night.  After dinner we decided to go back… Read More


Bro’s blow chunks

Name: Preston Age: 27 I was camping with some friends on New Years weekend.  We like to take our Quads out in the winter and spend all weekend… Read More


Fat Girl = New Bed

This story comes to us from a guy who has done 2 tours in Iraq.  Ooooorah! Name: J.W. Age: Early 20′s Ok so here is one for all you… Read More


Twins in the Tub

This one is from Megs.  You’re a filthy girl, and I owe you breakfast. ——– Name: Megs Age: 20 My roommate and I were dating two… Read More


Ping Pong Pus…

Name: Jacob Age: 22 My girlfriend and I were taking a trip to Thailand for vacation.  We were supposed to meet up with some friends that… Read More


Shit sheets Kevin

Name: Kevin Age: 29 We had just finished a fairly large job so I decided to take a handful of my co-workers out for drinks. Things were winding… Read More