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  • We’ll take that food to go, thx 5 CommentsPosted by on November 2, 2009 under Regretful Stories
    Name: Josh Age: (at the time): The story begins as most do, a house party with some buddies, females, cheap liquor and cases of beer. all-in-all it was a good night, got pretty smashed, shot-the-shit with everyone around, macked on some women; the usual. The par... more
  • Skeeter feels shame after drinking game 4 CommentsPosted by on October 14, 2009 under Regretful Stories
    Name: Skeeter Age (at the time): 16 As the end of the week was nearing, my buddies and I decided to head to a baseball game on the Friday night and pre-drink what we at the time thought was a bit of alcohol. All of us being beer guys where unaware of two crucial ... more
  • The Air Down There 5 CommentsPosted by on September 28, 2009 under Regretful Stories
    Name: .45 Age (at the time): Last week Just recently, my girlfriend expressed an interest in bringing other girls into the bedroom. Though I may have been a little hesitant for a second, I think what really sold me on the idea was her telling me that part of her fan... more
  • Homeless show compassion toward Harry 4 CommentsPosted by on September 9, 2009 under Regretful Stories
    Name: Harry Bush Age (at the time): 19 The night began at a friends house and mostly consisted of drinking Olympics of sorts. Beer pong, quarters, you name it we played it. This seemed like a typical drinking excursion for me, except for the fact that i had forgotte... more
  • First keg stand turns into 4 mile hike 6 CommentsPosted by on August 20, 2009 under Regretful Stories
    Name: Chris Age (at the time): 18 I used to go to Radford, a shit college about 15 minutes from Virginia Tech. One night while visiting Tech some friends and I were at a house party about a mile from my friend's dorm. At this party we get hammered, like really ham... more
  • Angry Dragon and Gaggin’ 8 CommentsPosted by on August 10, 2009 under Regretful Stories
    Name: White Chocolate Age: (at the time): 22 First of all I want to say I have been dating this girl for about 3 months, and we have done a lot of sexual things so we started our own journal with crazy stories. This is one of them.. more
  • When the brown eye winks, the room stinks 9 CommentsPosted by on July 27, 2009 under Regretful Stories
    Name: Schmee Age (at the time): 15 When I was about fifteen years old I had a pretty awesome girlfriend. Hot as fuck and not only that but the biggest nymphomaniac I have ever met. This was around the time that lame ass movie A.I. came out and she decided to see it... more
  • Puking nephews, upset aunts 3 CommentsPosted by on July 13, 2009 under Regretful Stories
    Name: Andrew Mattson Age (at the time): 16 It was St patties day in a one red light town. I asked my aunt if i could throw a party at her house she agreed and we started calling people and accruing beer. It ended up turning into a big party by word of mouth and after ... more
  • When Brown Bandits Strike 6 CommentsPosted by on July 1, 2009 under Regretful Stories
    Name: CK Age: 24 A few years ago we did a pub crawl.  At around the 5th bar we met another group of people who were doing their own pub crawl.  So toward the end of this thing I'm hitting it off with one of the girls from the other group.  We were both hammered b... more
  • Bongs and brownholes, a lovely combo 2 CommentsPosted by on June 9, 2009 under Regretful Stories
    Name: Alex Age: 16 This happened the better part of a decade ago when I was still in high-school but still tops my list for most inebriated experiences. My buddy Greg's parents had a cabin in Breckenridge and one winter a bunch of the guys I was hanging out with ... more
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